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A company like no other


With more than 40 years of dependable engineering expertise in comprehensive range of professional engineering and consultancy services to industrial plants here to help.


Founded in 1994, Scala has been specialised in engineering design and consultancy services by optimum and economic engineering solutions for the design and detail projects of equipments which requires special engineering services to a variety of industries with own expertise.

Industries we briefly give engineering services are Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Cement, Fertilizer, Water Industries, Crude Oil Refineries, Oil & Derivative Oil Products Storage and Loading/Unloading Plants.

Up to now Scala has been realized the detailed engineering design of floating roof oil storage tank with a capacity of 135.000 m3, 25.000 m3 double Wall, full containment Ammonia (NH3) Storage Tank etc. succesfully.

All mechanical and thermal engineering design calculations and detailed manufacturing projects of equipments are realized by related computer programs and 2D & 3D drawing programs.

We are here for optimum engineering solutions!

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