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Storage Tanks

For storage of chemicals, crude oil & derivative oil products, liquefied gas, bulk raw materials and products, etc., (open / closed site) fixed or mobile  tanks with all sizes and geometries are designed and detailed according to ASME, AD-Merkblatter(2000), API 650, API 620, AWWA & other international codes and standards. Some examples are given below for several storage tanks.


  • Atmospheric storage tanks (API 650)

  • Low pressure storage tanks (API 620)

  • Liquified ammonia tanks

  • Liquified oxygen & liquefied nitrogen tanks

  • Underground waste storage tanks

  • Underground and aboveground LPG storage tanks 

  • Acid tanks

  • Internal & external floating roof tanks

  • Elevated storage tanks

  • Dome roof tanks

  • Rectangular tanks etc.

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